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Bonnie   Bonnie Spring, EBBP Council Chair
Origins of Evidence-Based Practice
Importance of Evidence-Based Practice
Role of Evidence-Based Practice in Behavioral Health
Guidelines and Evidence-Based Practice
• Role of Informatics in Evidence-Based Practice
Barbara   Barbara Walker, EBBP Council Associate Chair
What is Evidence-Based Practice?
Challenges in Keeping Up with the Literature
Systematic Reviews and Other Information Resources
Ed Mullen   Ed Mullen, EBBP Council
• Key Training Dimensions in Evidence-Based Social Work
• Evidence-Based Process versus Evidence-Based Practices 
• Forces Driving Evidence-Based Practice in Social Work
• What Are Key Competencies in Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice?
Robin Newhouse   Robin Newhouse, EBBP Council
• Support for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
Competence in Evidence-Based Practice: Perspectives from Nursing
Challenges and Solutions to Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
Magnet Accreditation in Adoption of EBP in Nursing
Ross Brownson   Ross Brownson, EBBP Council
• Achievements and Process of Evidence-Based Public Health
• Behavioral Competencies in Evidence-Based Public Health
• Controversies in Evidence-Based Public Health
• How to Increase Uptake of Evidence-Based Practices in Public Health
Jason Satterfield   Jason Satterfield, EBBP Council
Competence in Evidence-Based Practice: Perspectives from Medicine
Adoption of Evidence-Based Practice in Medicine
Controversies in Evidence-Based Practice: Art vs. Science
Reaching out to Practitioners: Opportunities for Education in EBBP
Kristen Hitchcock   Kristin Hitchcock, EBBP Council Coordinator
How Librarians Can Help Health Professionals
Information Resources for the Hierarchy of Research Evidence
Opportunities to Generate New Evidence
Diane Chambless   Dianne Chambless, University of Pennsylvania
What are Empirically Supported Treatments (ESTs)?
Finding the Best Evidence Available
Training in Empirically Supported Treatments (ESTs)
Research Needed on Education in EBBP
Thad Leffingwell   Thad Leffingwell, Oklahoma State University
Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology
Does Empirically Supported Treatment (EST) = Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)?
Challenges and Opportunities of Evidence-Based Practice Policy in Psychology
Needed: Improved Reporting of Behavioral Research Evidence
David DiLillo   David DiLillo, University of Nebraska
The Role of Expertise in Evidence-Based Practice
Making Decisions Based Upon Patient Values, Preferences, & Characteristics
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