Bibliography, Articles, Glossaries

Evidence-Based Medicine Bibliography (New York Academy of Medicine)
A list of “classic” papers in evidence-based practice.

Bibliography of the Council for Training in Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice
Interdisciplinary list of papers on evidence-based behavioral practice.

Health Affairs, January-February 2005, 24(1)
Special issue devoted to putting evidence into practice.  Sponsored by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Journal of Clinical Psychology, July 2007, 63(7)
Special issue devoted to evidence-based practice in clinical psychology. Sponsored by the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology. 

Evidence-Based Nursing (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
History, models, definitions and resources to support evidence-based nursing practice.

Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature
An article series on evidence-based practice originally published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)Also available for purchase as a book. Access to the online, interactive guide is free to those with individual or institutional subscription to JAMA

Evidence-Based Nursing: EBN Notebook series and Users’ Guide series
Includes R. B. Haynes (2005)  Of studies, summaries, synopses, and systems: the "4S" evolution of services for finding current best evidenceEvidence-Based Nursing 8(2): 4-6.

Glossary of EBM Terms (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Toronto)

Key Terms in EBP (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford)

Glossary for program practitioners (pdf)

On-line tutorials 

Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine (University of North Carolina)
Online tutorial covers steps of evidence-based practice. Examples are from clinical medicine.

Evidence-Based Knowledge Portal (Vanderbilt University)
Online tutorial (free with registration) introduces EBM to information professionals and clinicians. 

Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine
McGill University undergraduate medical course. Includes useful toolbox with calculators.

BEST Training on Evidence-Based Practice
Free online tutorial about the process of evidence-based practice from a social work perspective.

Public Health Information and Data Tutorial
Information on assessment resources, data sources, and the process of evidence-based public health for members of the public health workforce. 

Netting the Evidence
The latest incarnation of this search engine uses a customized Google search to locate research articles, guidelines, and other quality EBP resources.

Keep up with newly published behavioral medicine research with this newsletter from Cochrane Behavioral Medicine Field.



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