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EBBP.org's objectives will be accomplished by the multidisciplinary Council for Training in Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice with input from the Scientific Advisory Board and Expert Consultants:

  • Identify didactic and practical training needs for evidence-based behavioral practice across disciplines.
  • Provide educators with tools to incorporate EBBP into training curricula by adapting existing evidence-based tools for behavioral applications and creating new materials relevant to behavior.
  • Facilitate collaboration between educators engaged in developing new course materials to teach EBBP.
  • Launch an interactive internet website offering a range of web-based training materials to practitioners, researchers and educators.
  • Recruit practitioner collaborators who deliver and evaluate behavioral health interventions in varied practice settings.  Collaborate on developing tools that educate about and promote practice-based research in EBBP.   
  • Disseminate information about EBBP through presentations, workshops, scholarly articles, and society newsletters.
  • Engage a multidisciplinary group of researchers, practitioners and educators in ongoing efforts that extend beyond the scope of this project to further develop and disseminate resources in EBBP.





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